City Center, Spruce Grove

City Center

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The oldest residential area of Spruce Grove, homes in here range from pre-1950’s to after 1970. Some homes have already been knocked down and replaced.

A very walkable area, it features large yards and lots of parking. Because of the age of the homes in here, extra caution should be taken when it comes to due diligence and property inspections.

An investment opportunity with areas in here that have been re-zoned for commercial use or infill housing.

A great place to live with close access to Spruce Grove’s largest medical facility. This is also home to the only adult living condo building in Spruce Grove. Windsor Estates. City Center also has close access to walking trails, parks and shopping.

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  • 2014 Average price: $287,625.00 Highest $307,500.00 Lowest $263,000.00
  • 2015 Average price: $255,056.00 Highest $440,000.00 Lowest $169,000.00
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