Deer Park, Spruce Grove

Deer Park

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Ranks in Tyson’s Top 5 neighbourhoods of Spruce Grove

This is one of the youngest and nicest of Spruce Grove’s communities. However, it has an unfair advantage to others because of the size of it. Deerpark is large. It has great options for finding homes with big garages, big yards, big homes or even smaller homes and adult bungalows.

This area attracts families; there are a tonne of kids in this area. If you want to live in a newer home with good yard space and parking are important you, then you would be attracted to this community. Much like Harvest Ridge or Spruce Ridge or Stoneshire.

Areas of Deerpark started developing in the early 2000’s, and they are still developing in there as of 2015.

Close access to Heritage Grove Park walking trails and the Tri Leisure. Deerpark has its own playground.

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  • 2014 Average price: $511,237.00 Highest $740,000.00 Lowest $335,000.00
  • 2015 Average price: $469,369 Highest $715,000 Lowest $345,000
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