Spruce Village, Spruce Grove

Spruce Village

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One of Spruce Grove’s newer areas and one of the most active¬†in real estate every year. Spruce Village has wide range of housing, everything from duplexes to upscale luxury homes. Spruce Village has its own playground and park in the centre and there are homes that back onto Jubilee Park, Spruce Grove’s largest park and community gathering area.

Spruce Village is also across the road and walking distance away from Greystone middle school. There is a 7-11 nearby and multiple play spaces. Bus stops within walking distance.

People like Spruce Village, it has great resale and is an easy neighbourhood to attract buyers. The area is very close to the overpass on HWY 16 and is on the east side of town making it convenient getting to Edmonton and back.

Higher density then communities like Harvest Ridge or Lakewood and parking can be tighter, however this is not true for all areas of Spruce Village and in some cases you can get great bang for your buck in Spruce Village.

  • 2014 Average price: $365,767.00 Highest price $830,000.00 Lowest $256,500.00
  • 2015 Average price: $363,778.00 Highest price $753,000.00 Lowest $260,000.00

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