Spruce Grove housing and Statistics

Pie Chart of Spruce Grove housing types
Source : City of Spruce Grove website

The City of Spruce Grove now has multiple types of housing from single family homes, duplexes, townhouses, mobile, low-rise apartments and one high rise apartment (9floors).

Majority of Spruce Grove residents live in single family detached homes. With the growth and development in recent years Spruce Grove like all municipalities are looking to increase the density among newer developments. Subdivisions like Spruce Village, Kenton and the highly desirable Greenbury are all examples of this. Gone are the days massive yards that we saw developed before the turn of the century. There are still options for larger lots in Spruce Grove, Communities like Deer Park, or Kenton have some options. With the ageing of homes in communities like City Center, Spruce Grove there are infill opportunities for those looking.

Spruce Grove Market Stats for 2014

  • The average price of a single family home in 2014 was $396,926.00
  • Most expensive home sold in 2014 was $1,079,900.00 and was located in Fieldstone, Spruce Grove
  • Average price of a condo selling in 2014 was $232,063.00
  • Most expensive condo (attached adult bungalow) selling for $440,000.00 in 2014

These numbers only reflect sales though the Edmonton real estate board and do not include new construction or direct sales with owners.

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