Hilldowns, Spruce Grove


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This area started construction in the early 2000’s and continues to still introduce new lots and homes as of 2015. A range of styles from adult bungalows, duplex’s, townhouses but a majority of the homes are single-family detached homes.

This area has many parks close by, playgrounds, the nearby fitness centre called Perpetual Fitness and many shopping options within walking distance.

New developments on the North East side of town will soon improve Hilldowns walkable amenities

Located across the street from two Catholic schools St. Marguerute school and St. Thomas Aquinas school.

  • 2014 average price: $414,214.00 Highest price $545,000.00 Lowest $285,000.00
  • 2015 average price: $406,048.00 Higest price $645,000.00 Lowest $155,000.00
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